If you are planning on traveling to Greek Islands, it is always a good idea that you know a lot about the country. In recent years, a lot of tourists are afraid to travel to this part of Europe mainly due to the financial crisis that Greece faced. However, keep in mind that though Greece may have a number of problems, it still offers a good number of things that are worth seeing and experiencing. If you are looking to maximize your experience in Greece, here is an informative guide that you can use.

Avoid the peak seasons

Around July and August are the best times to visit Greece. You will be able to get to enjoy great price for the different accommodations and flight when you decide to go during these months. During May and June, though it is the peak season, you will be able to enjoy flowers blooming.

Enjoy the mainland

A lot of tourists fail to realize that Greece offers a good number of things not only on its islands. You may also want to enjoy the mainland. Pindos mountain range and the archeological sites are worth visiting.

Use the extensive bus network

If you want to enjoy different towns, it is a good idea that you make use of the KTEL bus network. Not only is this convenient, it is also a great way to experience traveling like a local in Greece. There is also a railway system that allows you to visit the key destinations in the area.

Enjoy the food

If you are going to find yourself in Greece, might as well enjoy the food that they are offering. What you have to take note though is that Greeks usually eat late. That means that you will have to get used to eating at around 10pm or even later for dinner.

If you want to try their wine and you are on a budget, might as well ask for barreled wine. Barreled wine is a lot cheaper than bottled wine in Greece. Also, you don’t have to worry about drinking tap water. You will just be fine drinking it.

Greek Islands

Stick to one island

It is highly suggested that if you are going to travel to Greece especially with limited time, it is practical that you just stay on one island at a time. Ionians and Cyclades are among the best islands that you can enjoy. However, if you really want to explore a good number of islands in Greece, it is a good idea that you take the ferry. This way, you can choose different islands that you can visit.

There are a lot of reasons to go to Greece. Aside from the historical places and the beautiful scenery, every money that you are going to spend traveling to Greek Islands stays with them. Given the economic crisis, it is important that you share the wealth as you get to see the beauty of the country. You will be able to see that Greece is more than just the posh Santorini. In fact, it also has a rich history that you might also want to appreciate.